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12 advantages of building with straw

1. Sound thermal insulation: heat conductance of 0,052 W/mK (e. g.: an insulation with a width of 36,5 cm and 6 cm timber frames result in a U-factor of  0,15 W/m²K)
2. Almost unlimited availability: 20 % of the straw as an agricultural by-product is free of charge which means up to 350.000 one-family homes can be insulated every year
3. Simple manufacturing: only quality controls and inspections are required to receive the approved construction material
4. Bales of straw for building are untreated and therefore ecologically compatible and contaminant-free
5. Straw bales are sustainable as they grow again annually and do not locally compete against the agricultural food cultivation
6. Ternary climate protection: a.) storage of carbon dioxide while growing; b.) minimization of carbon dioxide during the manufacturing of bales of straw; c.) avoidance of carbon dioxide when using the building
7. Excellent fire protection features: a straw bale wall, measuring 36 cm in width, with a plastering of > 0,8 cm F30 in accordance with DIN 4102 is of low flammability (B, s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501)
8. Good heat storage and thereby efficient heat protection in summer
9. Energy saving during manufacturing and usage
10. As the processing is not intricate, laymen can handle it as well
11. Straw bales, wood and clay are compostable so that the proper disposal once the life span has expired will not raise any problems
12. Difference in energy demands: straw bale insulated one-family homes compared to conventionally constructed houses mean eleven years of free heating

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