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About building

Your own four walls
Your own four walls made of wood, clay, straw and glass. Simple and natural. Reclaim the essential. Whether a one-family dwelling, a row house, a semidetached house or a multi-family home – your own home can have many faces.

Less is more
Taking the liberty of choosing the simple means true luxury. The simple is timeless without wasting energy and producing waste, and tomorrow it will still be able to cope with rapidly changing demands. You can discover new, compacted kinds of living – casual neighborship on the one hand and private sanctuaries on the other.

Space for people
Neither engineering nor aesthetics in the course of time set the tone but the human requirements. Space for people, for being together or alone, for work, for having dinner with the family, for rest. A comfortable and healthy living climate without compromise. Casually mingling with the neighbors, living in the garden. Anything is possibly – nothing is enforced.

Building for neighborship and community
Every person has a right to private living quarters as well as to neighborship. Neighborship requires "living spaces" that arise from buildings establishing – just like humans – a relationship to nature, other buildings and humans. These qualities can often be found in older areas of settlement and in historic city centers.

Take as much as you give
Living and economizing sustainably – preserving the natural resources for future generations. For building your own four walls this implies:
• Bales of straw for roof and wall insulation
• Logs and lumber for load-bearing structural elements in walls and roof; interior walls and plastering made of clay
• Environmentally friendly building services, unobtrusively applied; renewable energy sources, wood heating systems, solar collectors, photovoltaics, passive use of solar energy

Living in the 21 st century
Small but mine: New, compacted kinds of living that combine a high degree of casual neighborship with private sanctuaries. Even though due to their high consumption of resources, detached houses seem a discontinued model of the 20 th century, they sometimes still are the right solution. Living in relation to the family, nature, fellow men.

Language of shape today and tomorrow
Pleasantly timeless, delightfully individual
The best structural solution for a site, the people and the utilization is in demand. Sometime simple, some other time special, sometime calm, some other time enthralling, sometime proved and tested, some other time experimental, sometime traditional, some other time groundbreaking. Connected with nature means considering external influences and working with, not against the forces.

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