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About me

Carpenter apprenticeship
It all began in 1987 with a carpenter apprenticeship in a half traditional, half ecological carpentry in the Wendland. Those were crazy times: Wearing a traditional carpenter's costume, hardening and assembling oak framework in the deep of winter at minus 20 degrees, felling trees in the woods before cutting squared timber in the sawmill, infilling partitions with brick and mortar or light clay. Building windows, staircases and furniture,  laying floorings and cladding ceilings. Assuming responsibility, making mistakes and learning from them. Wanting more for the future.

Architectural studies
In 1993 I started studying architecture at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. The design projects focussed on ecological and sociological questions – that way, for example, a concept for a cross-generational housing development was formed and several student research projects for the ecovillage Sieben Linden in the Altmark were prepared.

Extra-occupational training
Training course at the Passive House Institute PHI as a certified passive house planner (residential and non-residential buildings)
Advanced training as a certified building biologist
Advanced training in the field of healthy building and Building Biology

Portrait Dirk Scharmer: Fotograf Sven Holst
Office of Dirk Scharmer in Lueneburg
Inside the office of Dirk Scharmer

Professional experience
I completed my degree in 1998. After that I started work in a timber construction planning office where I was involved in several low-energy timber frame projects, for instance, two big residential buildings for the ecovillage Sieben Linden. I planned and developed a passive house.
Self-employment in 2000: My first house made from straw bales in a self-experiment
Relocation in 2002: Together with my wife and daughter I moved to Lüneburg, the traditional little brick town south of Hamburg. Since then nationwide planning, guidance and supervision of straw bale constructions. Depending on the workload I include up to two qualified employees in the project work.
Until 2011: Member of the board of directors of the association "Fachverband Strohballenbau Deutschland e.V.", owner of the firm "Baustroh", the first production company specialized in bales of straw for building. Leading involvement in a total of three research and development projects in the field of straw bale construction.

My office is located in the heart Lüneburg near the train station in Luener Weg 23.

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